More and more customers are demanding instant forms of communication like chatbots or voice assistants. With limited attention or oversight, developed by male teams, AI characters overwhelmingly speak with female voices and are projected as women. Here we list a couple of resources to reflect why this is a problem.

Customer Acceptance

The level of customer acceptance of chatbots and voicebots is pretty low. It's important to carefully consider how they’re presented to clients or the public.

The percentage of survey respondents who think that the solutions are already mature.

Source: Deloitte Survey: Chat, Talk, Touch

Gendering of aI

Read UNESCO in-depth examination on gender imbalances in the digital world


Advices on gendering AI technologies

Gender in Tech

Read the article explaining that Digital assistants are female because women aren’t in the room.


The percentage of respondents couldn't name a woman in Tech.

AI solutions Acceptance predictions

AI solutions overwhelmingly speak with female voices and are projected as women. We need to think through the impact we might have on culture or marginalized groups in the nearest future.

Average Acceptance Level - Rating Scale 1-5

Average Satisfaction Level - Rating Scale 1-5

Smart Speaker Adoption

Usage of Voice assistants increases. Here’s the report on the Smart speaker adoption.


of consumers use smart speakers daily


of consumers use smart speakers weekly