Personas for chatbots & voice assistant
This is a framework to build an Unbiased AI Character for Your Brand.
Persona is a way to improve your brand’s image and create a brand advocate.
Here we'll guide you through all the process.
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Personas Template

Suitable for chatbots, voice assistants, AI characters

At the end of the process, you will receive the persona template which can be used in the development of your chatbot, virtual assistant or any other AI character.

How to create a Chatbot / Virtual Assistant Persona?

This framework will help you come up with a persona faster. You just need to answer a couple of questions, define the tone of voice and most importantly try to follow our suggestions. We would like your AI character to be a result of unbiased decisions.

We help to find the right (Unbiased) Persona for your brand

We help to find the Right (Unbiased) Persona For Your Brand. Creating a persona for your chatbot or virtual assistant will not only help you establish stronger connections with your customers, but it will facilitate your development process.

Personas make script writing easier

Designing the chatbot's or assistant's backstory and its persona will make it easier to find its voice. It’s an approach often used in literature or screenplay writing to facilitate the creation of dialogues.

Promote your brand’s identity with well-designed chatbot or virtual assistant

Creating a chatbot with personality is a way of improving your brand’s image and creating brand advocates. And if your chatbot or virtual assistant is fun, informative or has a bit of realism that gives it a more human touch, people will use it.

Create a chatbot / virtual assistant persona

It takes only a couple of steps. Let's create your AI assistant together in just 10 minutes!